Ingame Description

"Expands the maximum storage capacity of resources and gold. It also increases the resource production of surrounding buildings."

General Discussion

The Warehouse provides +50 Resource Storage, +2000 Gold Storage, and increases production of all buildings in range by 20%.

The increased production zone is 28x28 tiles wide, with the 4x4 Warehouse building in the center. The increased production applies to all buildings that produce food, wood, stone, iron, oil, and quarries that are producing gold for gold ore veins. It does not increase worker production, energy production, or gold production from housing buildings such as Tents.

Multiple Warehouses may be built. Unlike the Market or the Bank, there is no limit to the number that can be built on the same map. The storage capacity of each Warehouse stacks, but the production zone bonus doesn't.

Tips & Strategy

  • When placed properly, Warehouses can greatly increase your resource production. The utility of this depends on whether the increased production more than pays for the 30 gold maintenance cost of the building.
  • Warehouses are particularly effective when placed near multiple Farms, as the resulting increased food production can then fund housing improvements that result in increased income of much more than 30 gold per cycle.
  • To get a rough idea as to whether a warehouse is justified in an area, count the production of the buildings in that area, with each food and wood counting 1, each stone counting 2, each iron counting 4, and each oil counting 8. If the total is 100 or more, a Warehouse will likely pay for itself. A warehouse with less influence on production might still be worth it for some other reason, but will probably not enhance your economy. For example, in the late game when increasing the economy matters less than maximizing defenses, increasing oil production by 2 in order to support two more Thanatos may well be worthwhile all on its own. Likewise, if your economy is so strong that you are at risk of overflowing your existing gold storage capacity, not wasting a cycles worth of gold production justifies a maintenance cost of a Warehouse for a very long time.
  • Some late game improvements are not possible to purchase without a warehouse or other storage improvements, simply because they cost more resources than you can store using only a basic Command Center.

Known Issues

As of V0.5.0, owing to a bug in the code the actual production increase of the Warehouse is 16.666%.

As of V0.5.0, there is a notable anomaly though with these zones in general: 2x2 Buildings which are only half build inside the zone do get the bonus on the upper part of the warehouse(so top-left and top-right), but don't get it at the bottom.