Ingame Description Edit

"Extends the energy range of the colony."

General Information Edit

Extends the energy range of the colony by 8 tiles from the tower, and 6 tiles diagonally.

A new tower gives 136 new tiles when placed on the edge of another towers range, 152 new tiles when placed in a corner.

Early game the best strategy is to cover as much area with as few tesla towers as possible, expanding towards chokes, setting up defenses and then cover nearby area (unless you have too many resources, then you can just expand in all directions).

Late game grid redundancy can play a role, as a solid grid pattern where 1 infected tesla tower doesn't cause a cascade can be very important.

Tesla Towers are one of the most crucial structures in the game, and should be carefully guarded. If a Tesla Tower is destroyed or infected, all buildings within its radius will be depowered - including Great Ballistas, Shocking Towers and Executors. This also depowers any Tesla Towers it supplies, which can cause a cascading power failure all the way to your front lines. Since buildings can't be repaired when they are depowered, this can slow down your attempts to rebuild.

A good strategy is to enclose your Tesla Towers in four walls, set diagonally so that they connect. Making a series of Tesla Towers to extend your reach towards a chokepoint can allow you to secure wide swathes of land which would otherwise be too difficult to defend.