Ingame Description Edit

"Strong walls that keep the colony defended from nearby enemies."

General Information Edit

If you want to upgrade your defenses and need some wood, you can demolish your old Wood Walls, getting 2 Wood and 5 Gold back for each, therefore costing you 5 gold more per wall, but providing valuable wood.

The maximum amount of walls directly adjacent is 2, or 3 horizontally/vertically, otherwise the error message "Too many walls in the same area. Three rows of walls are not allowed" appears. You can instead build 2 rows of walls, with 1 open row between them.

It can be build directly or upgraded from a Wood Wall.

The fastest way to build a Stone Wall is to build a Wood Wall first then upgrade it, saving 4 seconds of build time. This unfortunately increases the cost by 3 wood.

General Tips Edit

  • while a Stone Wall itself doesn't create any activity by itself, attacking zombies do create activity, luring even more zombies in if built too close to an uncleared area. So they should be defended at all times and built rather far away from other zombie hordes.