Ingame Description Edit

"Stronger towers made of stone. Units can be placed in these towers to be protected and extends their watch and attack range."

General Discussion Edit

Stone Tower are the upgrade of Wood Towers.

Towers are a supplemental defensive construction that temporarily allows units to act much like a turret. Each tower can hold up to 4 units constructed in a Soldier's center. Units in the tower cannot move, but can still fire and do so with enhanced range on their attacks. Units can be ordered to enter or unload from a tower and may exit from the tower on any unblocked side.

If a tower is destroyed, all units in it are deposited in the tile where it was destroyed.

Stone Towers extend the watch and attack range of units inside by 3.

Tips & Strategy Edit

  • Most of the comments that apply to Wood Towers also apply to their Stone counterparts. However, owing to their higher hit points and increased range bonus, Stone Towers tend to be used more in the late game than their basic counterparts. In particular, once the map is cleared, 4 snipers in a Tower constitute a very strong point that can enhance your defense of a choke. Because snipers in a tower have greater attack range than almost any other turret or unit currently in the game, they can help protect turrets by setting the tower and it's occupants to target higher level special infected - and in particular Venom infected - near the back of the swarm that might otherwise go undamaged.