Ingame Description Edit

"Sets a stakes trap that will cause damage to the enemies and will make them to walk slower."

General Discussion Edit

While an infected is on the tile where the stake trap is built, they will take 5 damage twice per second, and be slowed by 50% (Friendly units are also slowed, but not damaged). This effect applies to every infected on the tile, allowing stake traps to thin out large hordes.

Stake traps lose 1 HP every time they hit an infected, meaning they take 2 damage per second for every infected currently on their tile. Infected never target stake traps, although an Infected Venom can damage them with its AoE spit attack if it happens to be targeting a nearby building.

stake trap will deal a total of 750 damage before it is destroyed, although the effective damage is reduced by the infected's damage resistance.

While being built, stake traps will still apply the slowing effect. However, the damage effect only applies when the trap has finished building. 

Stake traps can be upgraded to Wire Fence Traps, roughly doubling their health and damage per second.

Tips & Strategy Edit

Stake traps are best used directly infront of walls or adjacent to towers, where infected are likely to stand in the trap for prolonged periods of time. Stake traps can also be useful as a form of passive defense early-game, since the traps do enough damage to kill walkers before they can make it across the tile. Because of their fast building time and the fact that infected do not target them; stake traps can be very useful for making a quick defense against an infected breach inside your colony.

However, it is usually best to make sparing use of Stake Traps and other traps in general. It is possible to build roughly three wall segments for the cost of a single Stake Trap. Further, an injured infected is just as capable of an attacker and just as capable of spreading infection as an uninjured infected. And, the damage from traps is low enough that it rarely reduces the time required for a unit to completely destroy an infected.