Ingame Description Edit

"Trains different military units depending on the technology level reached."

General Discussion Edit

Units which are created in the Soldiers Center.

Image Name Description
Ranger Portrait Ranger As the Ranger is both quick and silent, she is excellent for early scouting and defending purposes.
Soldier Portrait Soldier The Soldier has better stats than the Ranger, but also generates noise when firing, and will attract nearby Infected within a certain radius.
Sniper Portrait Sniper The Sniper has a very slow attack speed but deadly attack damage and range. His attacks also have a knockback effect making him useful against high HP Infected.

Strategy and Tips Edit

  • It's generally advised to get a Soldiers Center early on, to build units to start clearing the map thereby helping you to expand your colony.
  • Due to the relatively high cost of units and maintenance early on, one Soldiers Center usually is enough for the early to mid part of the game.