Ingame DescriptionEdit

"Medium level dwelling for the colonists. Colonists provide gold and workers for the colony."

General DiscussionEdit

The Cottage is the first upgrade of a Tent. The Cottage then can be upgraded to a Stone House, after it being researched in the Stone Workshop.

It effectively doubles the Workers and Colonists provided by the Building and more than doubles the gold income, but it also costs twice the food and three times as much energy in return.

Tips & Strategy Edit

  • Much more space efficient than the Tent, but not as space efficient as its upgrade, the Stone House.
  • They are 50% less energy efficient than a tent, and pay off the gold invested in them about 50% less quickly. However, they are more food efficient than tents, producing more gold income per unit of food which somewhat makes up for the reduced energy efficiency. Combined with their space efficiency, this tends to make them very attractive investments - particularly once influenced by a Market.
  • A Bank is more efficient at generating income when there are cottages in their influence than they are when there are tents. A bank influencing two tents increases income by 4, but a bank influencing a single cottage increases income by 5.